CDR Quarterly vol.10

"Multidisciplinary and Multicultural Support Model for Immigrants on Legal Issue...

The Rights of Refugees under International Law

Author: James C. Hathaway Japanese translation by Yasunobu Sato and Satoshi Yama...

英国王立刑事施設視察委員会編 視察マニュアル 2008 【日本語版】

著者 山本哲史 新津久美子 宮内博史 amazonで購入

難民保護を知る一問一答 100 〜補完的保護篇〜

著者 山本哲史 有馬みき amazonで購入

難民保護の理論と実践 (文庫)

編集 山本哲史 amazonで購入

CDR Quarterly vol.9

"To What Extent is Refugee Resettlement a European Ideal?" Shikiko MASUTOMI "Tou...

CDR Quarterly 2016 vol.2

CDR Quarterly 2016 vol.2CDR Quarterly 2016 vol.2CDR Quarterly 2016 vol.2CDR Quar...

CDR Quarterly vol.7

"What Made IDPs a Separate Category from Refugees? The Change in Logic of IDP Tr...

CDR Quarterly vol.6

"'That's It?' How Conflicts and Confusion Are Negotiated in the Globalized Conta...

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